Monday, September 11, 2006

In honor of the anniversary of 911, please permit me to pay tribute to all of the Volunteer Ministers and everyone else who gave of themselves in the weeks, months and years after 911. We will never forget.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

During the war between Israel and the Hezbollah, members of The Way to Happiness Foundation ran between the shelters' inhabitants in the North and the evacuees in the Center. After two weeks like that, Danny Vidislavsky asked the lecturers to do something interesting. They had to encourage the participants in the workshops to write and draw to someone like them – in Lebanon.

Each of the participants was basically asked to utter what he has on his mind. Considerations, nice things, bad things, blessings, curses and thus release his attention and focus and be more cause. "The unknown enemy" from the other side of the border, became a person one can communicate with. It was actually a therapeutic activity where, instead of shrinking and hiding from the bombs they sent their word and thoughts outside and became cause over the situation. People and children wrote moving words, and drawings that are being sent by members of the Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East to the Lebanese people these days.

And here are some of the letters:

To the people in Lebanon
I live in Kibbutz Iftah and we are currently inside the shelters.
I am sure it is not easy for you, and like me, you want that all this mess will end already.
I would be happy to get in touch with you, since all of us have similar reasons to be happy or sad.
I hope that in the end we will meet, I believe in love for all.
(about 10 years old)

Salam Aleikum! (Greetings of peace in Arabic)
We also suffer, like you, from bombings. We also want to get back to our day to day routines and normal lives. We are also hurt for our children and people that die everyday and we also want peace! Lets not surrender to the few radicals and to the violence, that it's entire purpose is to disrupt our lives.
From me,
(about 17 years old)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fifty-eight years after its adoption, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights comes to life in 30 new public service announcements.

United Nations officials, representatives of different embassies and celebrities joined actress Anne Archer and 120 delegates from 25 nations from across the globe at an international youth summit honoring human rights heroes. This event featured a new tool for teaching people what their human rights are with 30 public service announcements, each portraying a different article of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Read the press release here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Radio Freedom has functioned in Denmark for the past 19 years. It was founded by a group of Scientologists from Copenhagen, who founded the association Active Scientologists Radio Association in 1987. It focuses on improvements in the quality of life through culture, human rights, education, health care and environmental matters. The name Radio Freedom was chosen because it means freedom to be heard and have an opportunity to present one’s views without being interrupted by a journalist, the audience of an opponent. This is the main difference between Radio Freedom and other radio stations, in that they give priority to information not sensation.

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