Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging for Human Rights

Today is the day to Blog for Human Rights!

But what ARE human rights? Do you know all 30 of the rights covered in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

If not, check out the public service announcements on the Scientology web site. Simple but hard hitting and very easy to understand.

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Trans-Siberian Tour members deliver workshops on the many subjects covered in the Scientology Handbook, including how to cope with problems at work, how to improve relationships, raise happy children and achieve one’s goals in life.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour has completed it’s stay in Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic in south-central Siberia. For several months the tour has been providing workshops, seminars and one-on-one help in the region as part of its work to widely restore purpose, truth and spiritual values to everyday living.

One workshop on Study Technology presented to secondary school teachers and was deemed of wide value to the community and not only for the classroom. Covering fundamental laws on learning researched and discovered by L. Ron Hubbard who also developed effective methods of study, one teacher remarked on how it applied to her students ability to perform music. Another teacher said the information would improve her students performance and that she was grateful it was being made broadly accessible through the work of the Goodwill Tour.

The Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour is one of ten Volunteer Minister Goodwill Tours dedicated to helping people in remote areas spread trust, decency and tolerance in their communities. For more information visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site.

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Scientology Basics

I have to say I am so blown out from studying my Scientology Basics, I don't know where to start.

I'm on a course on the book Advanced Procedure and Axioms. The course includes the study of 21 lectures Ron recorded in 1951. I listened to just one of those lectures yesterday and it changed my perspective about 180 degrees on something I've been having so much trouble with. Gave me something simple I can do when the stress levels get high and I tried it out and not only did it work, I went from feeling yuck to feeling wow. Not bad!

David Miscavige released the Basics 2 years ago. I am NOT going to take another two years to complete them!

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