Monday, August 31, 2009

David Miscavige Dedicates Newly Renovated Fort Harrison Hotel

These were the words David Miscavige spoke in March at the dedication of the newly renovated Fort Harrison Hotel:

"This Fort Harrison is and will always remain a landmark and home of all of Clearwater."
- Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scientology Volunteers Help Cope with Record Flooding

The Scientology Disaster Relief Team is on site with emergency workers and flood victims helping bring order and relief in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot.

Southern Taiwan is experiencing its worst flooding in 25 years from Typhoon Morakot and Scientology Volunteer Ministers are helping with urgent services and care of flood victims.

The Volunteers relief efforts are concentrated on getting food to the victims, as well as providing support to emergency services personnel and trauma relief. When officials coordinating the relief effort requested food as the first priority, the Scientologists immediately arranged for 3,000 loaves of bread to be brought to emergency shelters.

In the regions of Bu-Dai and Dun-Shi, the Volunteer Team also provided and taught Scientology Assists—simple procedures developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, that help overcome the emotional and spiritual side of trauma that accompany injury, stress or shock.
Emergency workers also receive Assists to help them remain alert and effective through lack of sleep and extreme stress.

In Chai-Tung, one of the worst hit flood areas, Scientologists and other volunteer groups are serving 200 victims at an evacuation center and a vocation school, while anticipating the arrival of another thousand refugees.

For further information on the Volunteer Ministers and their work, go to VolunteerMinisters.org or the Scientology site.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clearwater, Florida. June 30, 2007—Mr. David Miscavige stood before Scientologists gathered from around the world for the much-heralded occasion. He announced that what he was about to describe was nothing less than "the recovery of Dianetics and Scientology" that would "change the world of Scientology forever." Over the next several hours, he unfolded the complete story to an audience of thousands gathered in Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall.

Mr. Miscavige first described the five-year, 2-million-man-hour research project to ensure the purity of all Scientology Scriptures, found in the writings and recorded lectures of L. Ron Hubbard. The task had been to locate the original manuscripts and dictation tapes of Mr. Hubbard's books, verify existing texts against those originals, correct any errors or deviations and return them to their original unadulterated form.

Deviations from the original manuscripts were immediately discovered to be far more extensive than imagined: transcription and punctuation errors of every variety, chapters bound in wrong sequence or even in the middle of another chapter, and the handiwork of a publisher who removed paragraph breaks to reduce page count. "Now let's add the 'editor,'" Mr. Miscavige explained, "who, instead of now correcting it, decides to add his own 'clarifying' footnotes to explain what LRH really meant."

Mr. Miscavige recounted a notable instance of the project to recover the technology. When the page count of a book did not match up to the number of dictation recordings to hand, researchers again searched through the archives and found three long-ignored wax dictation disks marked "UNK" for "Unknown." Locating equally long-obsolete replay equipment, they found the recordings were nothing less than two additional chapters of Mr. Hubbard's 1948 manuscript for Dianetics: The Original Thesis. The dictation also showed that other chapters had been printed in the wrong sequence since first published. The entire manuscript was then corrected and completed, and today the first and most basic statement on the actual nature and function of the mind is accessible and available for all to read.

In the ensuing years, every word and line in every
L. Ron Hubbard book was researched, verified, removed or corrected to ensure absolute purity. The standard set by Mr. Miscavige was perfection, the only standard suitable for the works of Mr. Hubbard.

Following that prodigious editorial undertaking, each book was meticulously designed, typeset, printed and bound to achieve the highest level of readability, comprehension, quality and durability—not to mention sheer aesthetic beauty. Thus came into existence only the pure and perfect Scientology Scriptures as authored by Mr. Hubbard.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour in Gujarat

Scientology Volunteer Ministers India Goodwill Tour has moved on to Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers India Goodwill Tour has moved on to the city of Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat.

As in other cities in India where the volunteers have toured, their seminars have been very popular in colleges and universities.

One such seminar, in the technology of study, was held to great results at the Gujarat University Law School. Law students need to learn, retain and use a great deal of information, and the students at the law school found their seminar extremely useful.

Scientology volunteer ministers provide seminars and workshops on practical tools and skills developed by L. Ron Hubbard, as covered in the Scientology Handbook. These include communication skills, conflict resolution and the basics of organization. Any group wishing to arrange a seminar can request one online through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site.

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